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The basis of the Ingemetal Solar market proposal is the technical knowledge of the product, thanks to the direct involvement in plenty of demanding design and development projects of its own engineering department performing, among other works, dynamic fluid behavior studies by wind loads … (JC) (Programs used)

The engineering department of Ingemetal Solar is also responsible for the production engineering of the assembly lines, the workshop layout definition and the assembly, welding, verification and installation at site procedures.

Only from this holistic understanding of the technology, Ingemetal Solar is able to analyse any new project in which it becomes involved case by case, seeking for win- win scenarios that underpin the strategy of loyalty of Grupo Ingemetal throughout its more than 35 years of success story.

SamcaTrough commercial parabolic trough collector is a proven product (more than 100 MW of installed capacity, in operation since 2010), protected by patent and developed by Ingemetal Group engineering team for Grupo Samca, in response to its interest in a patentable proprietary collector technology with the optimal balance between cost and performance over its lifetime on the market, especially under demanding wind load conditions.

The Ingemetal Solar engineering team has developed, together with SBP and MaserMic, the STELLIO heliostat technology and its related procedures for manufacturing, procurement and assembly and installation at field.


The Ingemetal Solar engineering team designed, developed and constructed a prototype for a Stirling parabola receiver of 176 squared meters of mirror surface for a Spanish developer.