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Collector Steel Structures Manufacturing

Ingemetal Solar is manufacturing solar receiver steel components from 2008, when established its own workshop in Zaragoza (Spain). This first strategic decision for the investment was due to the lack of proven suppliers, able to ensure optical requirements (components related tolerances) with traditional structure manufacturing procedures.

In 2012 (after Spanish government regulatory changes), Grupo Ingemetal decided to move its workshop to India (at Pune, Maharashtra) due to these same problems that GGEL CSP project suppliers were facing, putting in risk final plant commissioning.

The plant is equipped with robotized welding devices, CNC cutting and laser cutting equipment, for a production capacity above 2,000 MT/month, which allows to undertake projects without the need to subcontract any component, guaranteeing European quality standards and production rates with an optimized cost structure.

Beyond local projects, the objective of the plant is to cover the MENA market (among which credentials are the supply of the 160MW Ouarzazate plant in Morocco and 50MW Shagaya plant in Kuwait).

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