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Assembly Works

Ingemetal Solar is assembling collectors since 2006 worldwide. Committed with the projects in which it has been involved, it has developed its own solutions providing performance (interception factor for trough, beam quality for heliostat) and delivery guarantees. Many of its own developments were adopted by the industry as standard practices, among others:

  • Assembly process and layout

  • Turning device

  • Integrated geometric verification procedure

  • Collector transportation procedure to the field

  • Receiver welding process

Ingemetal Solar is responsible for the design, manufacturing, assembly, calibration, start up and operation of the assembly line for each specific collector technology, granting optimal production rates and outperforming optical performance for the ensemble, applying rigorous control quality procedures under ISO standards and granting total traceability for the product thanks to in-house software solutions.

Ingemetal Solar is benefitting here from the contribution of the engineering team of Grupo Ingemetal, active in the jigs supply to the aeronautical sector under the most demanding quality requirements and the hardest homologation procedures, as well as of the internal support made from its laser metrology subsidiary team.

Assembly Plant (layout)