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Heliostats – Stellio

Stellio is an innovative heliostat developed by Ingemetal Solar in collaboration with our partners Sbp and Masermic. Stellio is a paradigm shift: Its new axis arrangement that allows the use of cost-efficient linear actuators for both axis, the cost-effective pentagonal structure, its appropriate size and precise optics at low manufacturing costs result in a significantly improved cost/performance ratio.

The key to a cost minimized heliostat lies in the definition of the boundary conditions imposed by the solar power plant.

Optical performance, tracking accuracy, rigidity, the angle of rotation, wind loads and construction and operating costs just present a small part of the technical and economical boundary conditions the heliostat has to fulfil.

The heliostat’s technical restrictions or cost targets influence the solar power plant concept, that’s why constant interaction and feed-back arise.

This holistic consideration is the so called techno-economic optimization.

In this context we develop heliostats, i.e. all the structures and reflectors including drives and control technology, from first design drawings and prototypes to the workshop planning for large fields.

  • Reflector surface 48.5 sqm

  • Heliostat contour errors (sigma slope 1D)   < 1.25 mrad

  • Heliostat tracking error (RMS 1D) for relevant positions   < 0.5 mrad

  • Daily maximum power consumption  < 16 W

Ingemetal Contribuition

Exclusive supplier of the heliostat steel parts

Exclusive provider of the heliostats Assembly and Erection works, through its own procedures and with the use of its self developed and manufactured jigs and equipment, ensuring slope error <1,5 mrad

  • AwardsSolarPACES 2015 Technology Innovation Award

  • Awards: CSP PLAZA 2017 Technology Innovation Award