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CSP Solar Paces Award to Stellio consortium

This year’s SolarPACES 2015 conference was held in Cape Town, South Africa, the Stellio consortium, which includes Ingemetal solar, sbp and Masermic, was awarded the Solar Paces 2015 Technology Innovation Award for the development of the Stellio Heliostat.

It is awarded to achievements in reducing costs while improving energy production, Stellio is the most cost-effective heliostat available for the international commercial solar power plant to date.

We are delighted to be honored and honored to receive the award at the SolarPACES Symposium, which is the most important solar power concentrating technology (CSP) conference, attracting more than 500 participants from more than 40 countries this year.

If you would like more information about Stellio (link this word to Stellio’s page), please find the information on our website or contact us directly.

Congratulations to the whole team for this outstanding achievement!

Monday, February 9, 2015

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