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Quality, Environmental and Occupational Prevention

In order to establish a framework of reference in our Quality, Environmental and OHP System Management, Ingemetal Group Management establishes the following policy:

As a consequence of optimizing the deadline-quality duality to achieve satisfied customers, who are our main business case, as a differential element compared to our competitors.

To Increase and consolidate innovation within an environment of continuous improvement by the establishment and review of Quality, Environmental and Risk Prevention Objectives.

To establish a collaboration and commitment degree with all of our suppliers and subcontractors in the field of Quality, Environmental and Prevention Management.

Strict compliance of all legal requirements as well as standards and others additional voluntary commitments related either to safety prevention and the health of staff and quality and environmental aspects arising from our activities, in collaboration with regulation and monitoring authorities: Rigour.

Of the staff as a mechanism to ensure process improvement and the increase of customer satisfaction.

  • minimization of environmental impact of our activity by the evaluation and control of the environmental aspects.
  • prevention of pollution related to the nature, scale and impact of our activities, products and services.
  • elimination of hazards and reduction of risks related to health and safety at work, by establishing a hierarchy of controls.
  • setting up of appropriate communication channels to ensure consultation and participation of employees and their representatives.
  • Allocation of necessary resources for providing safe and healthy working conditions for prevention of work-related damage and deterioration of health. All Work accidents should
    be avoided: our employees are the most essential value and their safety should always prevail over any activity developed by INGEMETAL Group.
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The Management of Ingemetal Group is committed to communicate this policy at all levels in order to be understood and respected by all the personnel of the company. This policy should be reviewed periodically and communicated to all the people that work for or in name of the Organization in order to bring it in line with made commitments and ensure the effectiveness of the Management System.